Let Food and Drink Satisfy Your Financial Needs

As our world has become more interested in the foods and drinks they consume, it has opened up a new frontier in the affiliate marketing world.

We are undoubtedly now a nation of “foodies”, we love our food, we want more of it and we are definitely always on the lookout for new gourmet products. This of course has led to a host of new websites aimed directly at this market.

The savvy website owner has found a host of affiliate programs that are aimed directly at this market and is using them to make money. How much money you can make depends solely on how much traffic your site has. There are of course as many affiliate programs as there are types of food but picking the ones that are right for your website can be the difference between making money and making a profit.

For the gourmet food lover’s site there are many choices, but here are several of the top paying affiliate programs currently available:

The River Street Gourmet affiliate program offers a wide variety of gourmet foods and beverages delivered to the customer’s doorstep. As an affiliate you will receive a 7% commission on all sales with bonuses paid at every multiple of $500 in sales.

The Splendid Palate offers a selection of unique European gourmet foods to buyers, while paying affiliates a 5% commission on all sales. You will be paid each month once your sales have reached $50 for the month.

If lobster and other types of seafood is more the theme of your website, then consider the Fine Lobster affiliate program. Buyers can choose from a huge selection of guaranteed fresh seafood while you are paid a 10% commission on all sales monthly.

If your web site is dedicated to all things liquid then these next affiliate programs are for you, as they specialize in beverages and paying you well for space on your site:

The Tea garden offers a wide selection of the world’s finest teas, herbal teas and medicinal teas while paying you a commission of 12% monthly after you reach $50.

CoffeeAM calls itself the world’s largest online gourmet coffee and tea company and offers the affiliate a 12.5% commission on not only the first sale from their website, but for the lifetime of the customer.

For the wine lovers try MYWinesDirect, they offer a selection of wines, gift baskets and gift certificates and you earn an 8% commission for each sale.

These are just a small selection of some of the better food affiliate programs available, there are many more. When choosing an affiliate for your site pick them carefully, the more they are tailored to the content of your site the more you will earn.

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