Food and Drinks to Scare Up a Great Halloween Party

Halloween Games

Young kids love easy-to-play Halloween games. Instead of the classic pin the tail on the donkey, consider pinning a creepy hat on a large poster of a witch. Consider craft stations for preschoolers where they can dig in and make fun Halloween crafts such as ghost suckers made with a lollipop, a facial tissue and a ribbon to tie it all together.

Party goers of all ages will enjoy classic Halloween games like bobbing for apples, blindfolded food guesses with spaghetti for brains and peeled grapes representing eyeballs and a Halloween murder mystery sure to scare up some fun.

Spooky, Scary Halloween Party Food

Great parties mean great food! Traditional fare can include caramel apples, pumpkin shaped sugar cookies and bowls full of roasted pumpkin seeds.

If you’re feeling a little more adventurous, Halloween gives party hosts the perfect opportunity to create some spooky, scary food. Enjoy the looks on your guests faces when you serve disgusting bloodshot eyeballs made with hard boiled eggs, olives and a little red food coloring. Other favorite treats are cookies shaped like amputated fingers or a kitty litter cake made out of crumbled cake and partially melted tootsie rolls. Halloween is one of the only times you can get away with serving guests food that is delicious and yet repulsive.

Other options for delicious, spooky themed party food include Jell-O worms made with drinking straw molds, black ‘bat’ wings made with BBQ chicken wings and a little black food coloring and cockroaches made with pitted dates, walnuts and cream cheese. Whether you’re throwing a party for children or an adults’ only affair, your guests will get a kick out of these disgusting, yet delicious snacks.

Haunting Halloween Drinks

Halloween parties often last late into the night, making these parties an ideal situation to serve triple diamond energy drinks. These triple diamond energy drinks come in a variety of flavors so they’re a great mix in, whether you’re service some adult cocktails or a toned-down version for teenagers.

Strawberry or cherry flavored triple diamond energy drinks mixed with some green sherbet makes a tasty fruit punch that resembles dirty bathwater as the sherbet melts. For an even more realistic effect, toss in some butter mints. The mints will float at the top as if they’re bars of soap.

Another cocktail made with triple diamond energy drink is the ‘bloody eyeball.’ This is a strawberry margarita or daiquiri with a gruesome twist. Instead of a traditional fruit garnish, make bloody eyeballs on a stick using hallowed out lychees, some raspberry or strawberry jam or preserves and blueberries. If you’re serving underage party goers, use triple diamond energy drinks and some non-alcoholic margarita or daiquiri mix.