Food and Drink to Avoid As Bed

A seemingly strange piece of advice points to our diets as to why we are unable to get to sleep and that there are certain items of food and drink that can be prime suspects in keeping us awake. The timing of your meals is important to get right as our bodies have a natural rhythm where food is expected, at this time our bodies will produce enzymes and prepare itself for the food it is expecting.

If we eat too late then our metabolic rate and our energy levels can increase at a time when they should be winding down, it is recommended that you don’t eat a large meal any less than 2 hours before you are due to go to sleep. If possible it is recommended that you have a larger meal during the day and a smaller one or even just a snack in the evening to help keep your body’s natural rhythm.

There are some foods that contain a substance called Tryptophan, this can help the brain produce a hormone known as Serotonin, Serotonin helps to promote sleep and is often referred to as the ‘sleep hormone’. There are many items of food that contain the necessary ingredients to help promote the production of this sleep hormone such as milk, eggs, meat, fish and cheese. Cheese in particular is a product rich in Tryptophan – despite the urban myth that cheese can cause you to have nightmares; you’re much more likely to have plenty of decent sleep from eating cheese!

Obviously drinks such as cola, coffee and other fizzy drinks can include high levels of caffeine and sugar; these substances should be avoided in the evening and even the late afternoon. Many children will drink sugary drinks with their dinner and this can mean they are difficult to get to sleep in the evening as their abundance of energy is topped up. A better choice would be milk or natural fruit juices and this goes for adults as well as caffeine and sugar have just the same effect on them too.